my cousin has really pretty eyes and i kinda hate him for it
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'She was a compulsive pessimist, always looking for the soft brown spot in the fruit, pressing so hard she created it.'
- Amy Waldman, The Submission (via unteyetled)
hey could u pls give my some cute room colors/cute room ideas!!! thx!
- Anonymous

Yes ofc cutie!!! I’m actually so excited abt this bc I luv interior design & I actually just redid my bedroom! Okay so if you want a calm & relaxed feel to the room, I would paint the walls either a spring/pale/mint green or a pale blue. Then have a dark brown or earth tone(s) shag rug to make it feel more cozy. Get white furniture & lil lights to hang around your window or mirror & get shelves (only $30 from ikea!) to put cacti & candles there:-) Hope this helps!

Reblog this if you agree that boys & girls should be able to have sleepovers that aren’t viewed as sexual


I’m trying to prove that not all boy/girl sleepovers are sexual & that we just want to hangout like normal friends

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I. solaris jewellery
II. click the white cat
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